The rain poured down in a torrent, hammering the ground relentlessly. The BattleMage took shelter under an oak tree, perhaps this old tree was as ancient as he was. He took a heavy gulp of ale from his stein, tonight would be a night for bravery and the elixir helped him build up his courage. Outside the thunder roared as if the sky were ripping open and the heavens poured down upon him. The sky bellowed with such ferocity the ale jumped right out of his glass and onto his cloak. “So much for liquid courage,” laughed the BattleMage. The earth began to shake, and the BattleMage knew that this was no mere storm. Moments transcended into an eternity, as the dragon crashed into the ground shattering the BattleMage’s oaken fortress. The battle between two ancient warriors had begun.cropped-forest.jpg